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What Clients Are Saying

"Thank you for the manuscript evaluation. I have discussed it with my coauthor, and my editor and I just finished going through each point together. We have all found it very insightful and extremely helpful. We so appreciated your quick turnaround, but even more your ability to help us see things a bit differently. Thank you!"


"A heartfelt thank you, Susan. I appreciate the time you put into making my manuscript crisp, polished, correct, and much better than before! I am so grateful."

"I just received the copyedited manuscript back. You did a great job and I'd like to thank you. It was well worth the cost." 

"Thanks very much for your useful editorial comments and editing. I now feel comfortable with the manuscript. Your help is greatly appreciated. Your painstaking editing and corrections have enhanced the document."

"I am really impressed with your feedback and the level of detail in your notes. I can tell that you really went through the manuscript with an attention to detail. I'm confident that your editorial skills will make this book much better than it would have been otherwise. Thank you so much for your hard work on this. I would like you to review the book one last time after I've incorporated your feedback into the final version."

"Thank you for the candid and detailed feedback. It is extremely helpful."

"You've been a huge asset to me on this project."

"Thank you for being so responsive and for all that you've done to help get this book ready to publish."

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