Your manuscript is unique, with its own strengths, issues, challenges, and time and budget constraints. That's why I prefer to negotiate a flat rate by the project. I'm happy to provide an estimate, which you can request using the contact form.

I base my project fees on rates standard in the industry, as outlined by the Editorial Freelancers Association (a manuscript page is 250 words):

Writing, 1-3 pgs/hr: $50-100/hr

Developmental editing, 1-5 ms pgs/hr: $45-55/hr

Copyediting, light, 5-10 ms pgs/hr: $35-40/hr  

Copyediting, heavy, 2-5 ms pgs/hr: $41-50/hr

Proofreading, 9-13 ms pgs/hr: $30-35/hr

Researching, $40-75/hr

I'm delighted to provide a sample edit of up to 500 words.

My fees for manuscript evaluation:

    Full, up to 250 pgs, $2/pg; over 250 pgs, $1.75/pg  

    Partial, $2/pg

    First chapter, up to 25 pages, $50 

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